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P11Ds: Most common mistakes

22 May 2015

Completing the annual return of benefits and expenses form P11D carries many risks. A late or incorrect submission, or failure to submit can result in unnecessary penalties and perhaps even result in a HMRC PAYE compliance review. Therefore, as companies prepare their 2014/15 P11Ds for submission by 6 July, we highlight some common mistakes to […]

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RSVP for Moore Stephens Webinar: Key tax and VAT issues for care homes

21 May 2015

We are delighted to invite you to Moore Stephens’ webinar on ‘Key tax and VAT issues for care homes’ on at 12.00-12.45 on Tuesday 30 June. Please find more details and register using the ‘attend’ button below. ; If you have technical issues with the webinar, please click here.

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Partial exemption risks and opportunities

20 May 2015

Has your business changed its activities, restructured its operations or experienced staff changes within its finance team? If so, your partial exemption position should be reviewed. “Businesses that make taxable and exempt supplies fall within the partial exemption rules,” explains Moore Stephens VAT expert Robert Facer. “This means that they won’t normally be able to […]

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European court confirms that electronic books (e-books) are subject to VAT

18 May 2015

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has recently confirmed in the long-running cases of the European Commission v France (Case C-479/13) and European Commission v Luxembourg (Case C-502/13) that the reduced rate and super-reduced rate of VAT being applied by France and Luxembourg respectively in relation to e-books cannot be justified under […]

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Significant changes to the Japanese consumption tax

18 May 2015

The scope of taxable transactions subject to Japanese consumption tax will be increased Effective 1 October 2015, digital services provided by foreign suppliers to businesses and consumers in Japan will be categorised as domestic transactions subject to an 8% consumption tax. The requirement to pay consumption tax is imposed at the time the payment obligation […]

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Top five Research & Development (R&D) myths

15 May 2015

Moore Stephens’ specialist Innovation and Technology group successfully manages R&D claims for many clients. While R&D is critical it can be costly, not only in itself but also that payback can take months, if not years. The UK has some of the most effective tax reliefs available for this type of expenditure in the form […]

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Implementation of new revenue recognition accounting standards set to be delayed

14 May 2015

Proposals to push back by 12 months the implementation dates for new international accounting standards covering revenue recognition will have implications for many companies, including those in the energy and mining sector. On 28 April, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) tentatively decided to defer by one year implementation of the IFRS 15 standard, Revenue […]

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Building value through efficient operation

12 May 2015

Value creation is the primary objective of private equity managers and there are several ways this can be achieved. During the deal process the performance of detailed operational due diligence is often overlooked due to various time constraints. This is, however, an opportunity to generate significant value by improving the operational efficiency of a shipping […]

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Are you prepared for Solvency II outsourcing?

11 May 2015

Many insurers use outsourcing suppliers for a wide range of services from back-office processing, outsourced operations such as claims or use technology outsourcers to support their IT system’s needs. With the forthcoming Solvency II on the near horizon of 1 January 2016, there are several considerations that need to be understood in order to be […]

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A Conservative win – what does it mean for tax?

8 May 2015

Now that the result of the General Election is known, what tax measures can we expect from the new government? The Conservative Party’s manifesto, and other announcements made at the time of the 2015 Budget, indicate that the new government’s plans include the following changes (as well as a number of more technical measures that […]

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